1 Admission Fee (One Time) 200/-
2 Tuition Fee (Per Six Month) 1200/-
(ii) Charges
1 Certificate Charges (One Time) 100/-
2 Insurance(Every Year) 200/-
(iii) Funds
1 Institutional Security (Refundable) (One Time) 1000/-
2 Training and Placement Fund (one time) 100/-
3 Identity card fund (One Time) 50/-
4 Student Welfare Fund (Per Six Month) 350/-
5 Development Fund (Building fund, Sports and culture activities fund)(Per
Six Month)
6 Water and Electricity Fund(Per Six Month) 250/-
Medical Fund (Per Six Month) 100/-
7 Internal Examination Fund (Per Six Month) 100/-
8 Library Fund (Per Six Month) 100/-
9 Computer Education Fund (Per Six Month) 600/-
10 Corpus Fund for student welfare (Per Year)(to be deposited in the
Directorate through Institute)
Total 4620/-

For one year Non-Engineering Trades
Description Amount (in
a) Fee
1 Admission Fee (One Time) 200/- To be deposited in Govt. Head
b) Funds
2 Institutional Security(One
1000/- Refundable upto 1-year after
completion of training
3 Training & Placement Fund
(One Time)
100/- To be retained by the T&P Cell
4 Insurance (Every Year) 200/- For Insurance purpose of trainees
5 Identity Card Fund (One
50/- For I card of trainees
6 Institutional Development
Fund (per Six Month)
4825/- To be retained/Utilized with the consent
of Institute management Committee.
7 Computer Fee (Per Six
650/- Computer Fee will be used for Raw material
pertaining to computer, maintenance of old
computers, purchase of new computers and
engaging computer trainers etc.
8 Corpus Fund for student
welfare (per year)
20/- to be deposited in the Directorate
through Institute
9 Certificate Charges (One
Total 7145/-